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As an entrepeneur you might be looking for a bookkeeper or administration office in Amsterdam. Are you having trouble keeping your books? Grando Bedrijfsadministratie, listed as Grando Payroll Solutions BV, is efficient and reliable. A well-organized administration is key to your enterprise. Does your enterprise need a compilation report certified by the NOAB? You want to secure a loan from your bank or obtain a NIWO licence? At Grando Bedrijfsadministratie & Advies we are keen to assist you. We are also happy to help you relaunch your company. Tax and administrative legislation can be very specific and complicated, and at Grando Bedrijfsadministratie & Advies we understand it can be hard to keep  up with ever-changing collective agreements.

That’s why we will provide you with the tax advice you need and of course it is also possible to outsource all of your staff’s payroll records. Grando Bedrijfsadministratie is a member of the VNSa (Dutch Payroll Administrators’ Association). By taking a constructive approach to problems and advising on keeping your accounts efficiently, Grando Bedrijfsadministratie recovers your expenses in most cases. This is an administration office in Amsterdam worthy of your time and money.

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We keep your accounts efficiently  – Administration office in  AMSTERDAM

Our administrative services support your organization by fully adapting to your needs and wishes. Do you want us to take full control of your company’s business administration or do you prefer to keep your accounts online yourself? Would you like to outsource your payroll  records or do you just want us to help you prepare the annual accounts, the VAT return, corporation tax return or income tax return. Grando Bedrijfsadministratie & Advies is glad to be your partner and we keep your accounts efficiently. In preparing your annual accounts we give due consideration to the past, but together with you we’ll focus on the future as well. This way we are able to provide you with expert advice on your tax position.

GRANDO  Bedrijfsadministratie & Advies benefits – Your bookkeeper  in AMSTERDAM

  • –  Support from your own dedicated accountant
  • –  Smart and accurate
  • –  Transparent practice
  • –  No hidden costs

We believe in our personal approach. By contributing ideas toward your business operation we provide you with the best administrative services. The way we work is crystal clear: you know exactly what you pay for, we take care of everything and keep you safe: no unpleasant surprises.


Grando Bedrijfsadministratie & Advies  is a bookkeeper operating in the centre of Amsterdam and in other boroughs of Amsterdam: Amsterdam-Noord, Westpoort, Amsterdam Nieuw-West, and Amsterdam-Zuid. We are also working in the cities surrounding Amsterdam: Haarlem, Zaandam, Amstelveen and of course, Diemen.

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GRANDO  Bedrijfsadministratie & ADVIES THe Administration OFFiCE IN AMSTERDAM

Grando Bedrijfsadministratie & Advies is an expert in the field of business administration and payroll records in the city of Amsterdam and its surroundings. Do you want to outsource your administration to a professional administration office in the Amsterdam region? We deliver solutions tailored to your needs and assist you in every way. This allows you to do what you do best: running a business successfully. Our many years of experience and the membership of the Netherlands Association of Administration and Tax Experts  (NOAB) guarantee an appropriate advice and a high-quality and practical approach to your business administration.

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Grando bedrijfsadministratie & advies provides administrative services to individuals and SMES: our services include bookkeeping, payroll records and several tax returns: turnover tax returns, corporation tax returns, income tax returns and tax advice.


NOAB certified



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1017 VD Amsterdam

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