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Payroll systems

Personnel administration and payroll systems . It  all seems quite simple, but  often it is not that easy. Your staff has a right to have their correct salaries paid to them on time. Otherwise, people would not be able to fulfill their own obligations. A solid payroll prevents complaints and irritation.

So, this is why you should take your business to Grando Business Administration & Consultancy:

  • The payroll will be processed on time and accurately;
  • The payroll will be processed down to the last detail, including pay slips, filing payroll taxes, wage sheets, payroll journal entry, and annual statements;
  • The payroll will be delivered on paper and/or digitally in agreement with you;
  • We process the payroll from small to large businesses throughout the Netherlands and in a wide variety of sectors;
  • We identify relevant changes in laws and regulations and we’ll apply those to your payroll;
  • The payroll can be arranged on location: at your office or at our’s.


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